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The Wolf Weissbrand starts a whole new spirits category. Being neither a cognac nor a brandy, the Weissbrand is a bit of both. The clear spirit is distilled from hand selected Palatine wines in a German private distillery. By distilling the spirit twice, the Weissbrand presents a very mild texture.

After the distillation, the Weissbrand is put into steel barrels and not into wooden barrels to keep the spirit from changing its colour and soaking up the aroma of the wood. Upon opening the bottle you will enjoy an amazing aroma of wine and fruits. The taste of the Weissbrand is just as fruity as you would imagine it to be just from smelling it - its fabulous taste is best enjoyed neat as a digestive.

The name of this premium spirit is a tribute to Wolfgang, the man who came up with the idea of inventing the Weissbrand.

Since 2014, the Wolf Weissbrand is produced in small charges and then bottled by hand. The modern and straightforward bottles come together with The Wolf Bag that is made from canvas and suede in Hamburg. The logo of the brand is burned in the bag by hand.

Warnhinweis: Abgabe nur an Personen über 18 Jahren. 

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