fw.07 black freedom sleeveless

fw.07 black freedom sleeveless

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This sleeveless shirt offers a great variety of pros and only some cons. Let's start with the bad news, because we learned that from doctors. Sorry, but a tank top might show you weren't working out as much, as you promised before winter. On the pro side we have its ability to guarantee a fine tan on your arms during summer time, so you don't have to always roll up your t-shirt sleeves which then often start to pinch in your arm pits, making it an overall uncomfortable situation. It also gives you a rockstar look, without being a rockstar and if you are, it underlines that fact. That's undeniable cool.

Side note: This one offers a longer cut, small crew neck collar and doesn't come with sleeves (don't look for them in your box or anywhere). It's made out of 100% soft cotton. Max is 1.89m tall and wears large. 

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