fw.10 simple twice longsleeve

fw.10 simple twice longsleeve

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We asked ourselves: Should a man even wear longsleeves? It was a tricky question, since we like t-shirts so much and wear sweaters if needed. But then we came across that problem with berlin weather, where you never know, if a day, that started with sun, wouldn't end up with a cloudy sky and severe wind blowing. A man could really need a longsleeve, if it was simple, had a nice cut and didn't come along with all those buttons and crazy collars. Instead it should be made out of a nice fabric and the sleeves should be easy to roll up, if the sun comes out again. Dude, believe us, You should get this one.

Good to know: This one has subtly ripped waistbands and a slim fit cut. It's made out of 100% soft cotton. Lance is 1.86m tall and wears medium.



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