fw.14 black on back zip sweater

fw.14 black on back zip sweater

39.90 79.90

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Last but not least: We are also offering a light jacket. A real one with a zipper, corded collar and waistband, made out of 100% cotton, soft and easy to wear. With these attributes the college jacket already sounds like a winner, a show off. But the college jacket isn't a superficial prick. It also protects you when you are out in your light grey top and the sun is hiding behind some clouds. it's also not overwhelming you in a complete hug, because you make the rules and say how close you want your relationship to be, keep it simple. The jacket is a flexible, handsome companion you don't want to miss after some evenings together.

Hint: This one comes in a slim fit cut, with a bronze zipper and pretty light cotton. It offers a college jacket collar, ripped waistbands and is made out of 100% soft cotton. Verena is 1.74m tall and wears small.

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