fw.13 black on back 80s sweater

fw.13 black on back 80s sweater

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Sure, that one might look like a classic boys college sweater. But then, its not. Made out of soft cotton it falls easily over your shoulders. It’s giving you that cheeky boyfriend look, which works so well with your sneakers and jeans, making every outfit look much more laid back. And the best part is yet to come: While you can wear it all day and all night, you can lend it to that cutie over there. He seems to feel a little cold, because he thought he would only need that black freedom tank top for the whole evening. Good, that you are having a nice solution.

Side note: Oversized sweater with big shoulders, looking like a sweater beamed in from the 80ies. It offers very thick cotton structure, ripped waistbands and a solid crew neck collar. It's made out of 90% soft cotton and 10% polyester. Jacqueline is 1.69m tall and wears x-small. 


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